‘W2S to
Arsenal In The Community’

The Wembley to Soweto Foundation are working with Arsenal to produce ‘W2S to Arsenal In The Community’...

Arsenal in the Community is to partner with The Wembley to Soweto Foundation to offer 8 young people the opportunity to not only change their own lives but also to give back to their communities.

From February 12th and with the additional support of the h.Club Foundation and Camden Council, the young people will be given three consecutive weeks of intensive photographic teaching by professional photographers to learn how to capture images and tell stories using SLR cameras. The course will bring people together from different walks of life and reach a wide audience through exhibitions, media coverage and educational outreach. The Guardian will be showcasing their work daily and regular blog-posts will chart the progress of the students.

One of the fundamental aims of The Wembley to Soweto Foundation is to offer young people a range of ‘on-the-job’ learning opportunities that enable them to not only hone their photographic skills but to develop their confidence, to share their experiences and to positively contribute to society. The Foundation’s Sustainable Training Cycle enhances these aims because photographic trainees are offered the opportunity to develop into teaching assistants and ultimately work with the Foundation as course producers and teachers.

Having just completed a Wembley to Soweto photographic training course with the Fulham FC Foundation, two former students will be working with the new students from Arsenal in the Community, mentoring and supporting them with their recently acquired knowledge and skills.

Jillian Edelstein World renowned photographer and a DOP for The Wembley to Soweto Foundation added: ‘I have never been as inspired working a project with young people. It’s an incredible course that achieves an enormous amount. What these young people get out of it is immense.’

Photographs taken by the students are being published daily in The Guardian. Click here to see more.

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