What people think

"There's no better way to communicate across cultures than with images which take your breath away. One photo can change a life. The 'Wembley to Soweto' kids are an example of that.

‘When my grandfather saw the work of these students, he remarked: they are so young, and yet so deeply talented. We are hugely grateful to The Foundation for the opportunity they are offering our young people."

Kweku Mandela

Celebrity Ambassadors

“This project is exemplary. It’s beautiful. It’s simple and it’s necessary.”
Bill Nighy, Actor

“What a fantastic project and what a great team!”
Dame Judi Dench, Actor

“What I think is particularly brilliant is that when the young students have learnt their skills they get the chance to teach and pass on their skills to other young people ..so the whole initiative is moving forward all the time.”
Hugh Bonneville, Actor

"It's a unique project born out of the passionate belief that young people need to be given a voice and opportunities to change their lives.”
Tamsin Greig, Actor

"It's essential that young people have a way to tell stories and to express themselves like this. It's what feeds culture and builds communities world-wide.”
Emily Watson, Actor

"It’s impossible to distil the power that this positive experience can do for young people. It’s a brilliant initiative. I’m excited to be part of it.”
David Harewood, Actor

“Talent exists everywhere, it just needs an inspirational project like Wembley to Soweto to unearth it.”
Michelle Fairley, Actor

Student Testimonies

“I really wish and hope that Wembley to Soweto can be a big tree that grows a lot of branches to let the world know about photography and how what we experience in our everyday lives can be interpreted through pictures.I have learned that I have to persevere in terms of any hardship I come across. Instead of just sitting down and waiting for help, I need to go out there and do it myself.”
Tshepang Masemola, 17 Years Old, Hillbrow, South Africa

“I think my dream came true! Wembley to Soweto has been really beneficial. I’ve learned so much about how to take great pictures and how to understand light.”
Joao Nzina, 19 Years Old, Hillbrow, South Africa

“The white policeman had a grin on his face, so I said “Hi Sir, I’m a learner photographer – can I take a picture of you?” He gave me a huge smile and said “JAAAAA!!” That was a cool one – I just thought to myself, “That whole race thing – that’s history!”"
Siyabonga Sepotokele, 16 Years Old, Soweto, South Africa

“I feel so lucky to have been involved. It was the first time I really felt part of something.”
Joel Faddy, 19 Years Old, Newcastle, UK