Our Aims and Beliefs

The Wembley to Soweto team fundamentally believe that on-the-job training provides the best learning platform and that skilled young people who have a passion for learning regardless of their means and background, can positively carve out a career if they are given the right combination of training and support.

The programme aims to:

  • Provide many varied practical experiences allowing trainees to to 'train on-the job'.
  • Nurture a young persons self-belief, ambition and confidence
  • Ignite a passion for photography in young people, regardless of their means and background
  • Develop a young person's creative voice and to enable them to express themselves and share the stories, of their worlds
  • Offer unique opportunities to train and develop different styles of photography

Where We Work

Wembley to Soweto is a global initiative and has, to date, worked in the South Africa, UK, and Brazil, with further outreach being planned.