Accountability and Sustainability

To date the project has been funded with the support of local organisations as well as donations from supporters and colleagues. This has allowed eight highly successful courses in the UK, Brazil and the original in South Africa to take place.

Additionally all work on W2S has so-far been undertaken by the founders in their own time and primarily at their own expense. Despite these restrictions, significant rewards have been enjoyed by a large number of young adults, all of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds. In addition, many benefits have been realised in their communities as well as showcasing and publicising to a wider global audience the social issues facing the areas in which they live.

The Foundation has widespread celebrity endorsement, with some of the world’s leading actors, performers, business people and politicians captivated by the simplicity of the projects and their tangible impact.

It is these endorsements and a sound business plan that give the Foundation the confidence to seek the funding required for further expansion.

The objective is to set up a robust and sustainable infrastructure with the appropriate checks and balances to ensure diligent use of our supporters’ donations.